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    Future of iPSC

    Our Researchers' visions towards the future of iPS cell technologies

    T-CiRA is a unique program in which researchers from academia and industry make one team and work together to develop game-changing therapeutics. Our collaborative efforts are catalyzing discoveries and innovations with agility in a one-stop research environment.

    Our vision is a world with the prospect of better health through the infinite powers of science. We are working to discover the seeds for treatment options and nurture them for clinical application.

    Bringing innovative treatments to as many patients as soon as possible.

    Members of Team T-CiRA describe their hopeful visions towards the future of iPS cell technologies.

    Ties promoting iPS cell technologies
    T-CiRA Organoid Medicine Project Norikazu Saiki

    Creating new ways and bringing about hope
    T-CiRA Beta Cell Therapy Project Ryo Ito