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    Takeda Ventures, Inc.

    Victor Stone

    Partner, Takeda Ventures, Inc.

    Victor-Stone_400x224.jpgVictor Stone (Yoshihide Ishii) joined Takeda Ventures, Inc. (TVI) in January 2020, as Partner, and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Prior to joining TVI, Victor was a Director at Whiz Partners in Tokyo, where he served leading roles as company creation and fund establishment. His responsibilities include investment committee member of a joint fund with Takeda. Prior to his transition to business, Victor served in the United States Navy and Marine Corps as a Naval Flight Surgeon. His military service includes multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan; humanitarian aid in Bangladesh, and Officer in Charge of all rotary wing medical forces of the Marine Atlantic fleet. As a physician, he assumed operational responsibility for a 67-person outpatient clinic in North Carolina. Victor holds an M.D. from Jefferson Medical College, and MBA from Harvard Business School.