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    Approach to Human Rights

    Alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

    Taking a global perspective, Takeda is doing its utmost
    to protect human rights through every link of the value chain.

    Takeda has prepared internal standards in the form of policies and guidelines based on international human rights standards, and strives to be socially responsible at every stage of the value chain from research and development to procurement, production, distribution, and sales and marketing as it conducts its activities.

    For more details

    Number of human rights-related seminars held by BSR Healthcare Working Group in fiscal 2017

    Number of human rights-related meetings*
    held in fiscal 2017 (Japan)

    * The Research Ethics Review Committee and the Bioethics
    Committee concerning human genome and gene analysis research


    Issues and Initiatives Going Forward

    Global pharmaceutical companies that conduct business in emerging markets and developing countries are asked to give consideration and care to human rights issues in various processes in the course of providing medicines. Takeda will continue to fulfill its responsibilities as a company involved in improving people’s lives by bolstering its initiatives across Takeda, based on the international norms and trends in human rights.