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    Improving the Health of 40,000 Ethnic Minority Women and Newborns in Asia

    Providing local residents in ethnic minorities with health education, training, and services.

    The Program


    PARTNER: Save the Children
    BUDGET: 250 million yen
    TERM: 5 years
    LAUNCH: 2016
    AREA: Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam

    Minority tribes living in remote areas of developing countries in Asia are particularly disadvantaged in terms of access to healthcare.



    Stories of Impact


    Empowering Ethnic Minorities to Improve Maternal and Newborn Health in Myanmar

    Read about our employees’ first-hand impressions of Takeda’s partnership with Save the Children in Myanmar. For one employee, hearing directly from the Kyaukkyi village health committee member about the sustainable difference the project is making in her community was “the most striking moment of the trip.”


    First Hand Employee Experience


    During their visit to Myanmar, employees discussed the project’s impact with Kyaukkyi village health committee members and met with mothers, who, thanks to this program, were able to give birth in hospitals and learn about the importance of newborn nutrition.


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