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    Improving Ethnic Health Organizations’ Capacity to Bring Health Services to Vulnerable Populations

    Developing infrastructure and equipment, empowering health staff, and strengthening health systems

    The Program

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    PartnerAccess to Health Fund managed by UNOPS
    Budget1.1 billion yen
    Term5 years

    Access to Health Fund website


    In Myanmar, Shan State has some of most concerning health indicators in the country. The northern part of Shan State is affected by conflict, with frequent fighting impeding the delivery of health services. The majority of the population lives in rural, hard-to-reach and conflict-affected areas, beyond the reach of governmental facilities and services, and is considered highly vulnerable. This partnership will help build and improve community health centers and empower health staff from ethnic health organizations and ethnic community-based health organizations (EHOs/ECBHOs) in Myanmar’s Shan State to deliver quality health services, particularly for mothers and children.

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